Is chicken liver good for dogs to have a healthy life?

Yes, chicken liver good for dogs because naturally, the chicken liver consists of more vitamins and minerals which is essential for Dogs, Cats and also a human being.

The chicken liver consists of rich nutrients such as vitamins A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, riboflavin and etc.. These vitamins and minerals present in chicken liver made your dog healthy and stronger. The chicken liver also consists of Omega-3 which will improve vision and helps with canine blood deficiencies of a dog, so the chicken liver has many advantages.
But at the same time chicken liver also has some disadvantages also,

  1. Fat content in the chicken liver is high which leads to weight gain and stomach issues if you feed too much.
  2. Vitamin A obtained from the liver is one of the most important vitamin for cats and dogs. Vitamin A deficiency will lead to unhealthy skin and coat and even have the possibility of night blindness. However, too much consumption of vitamin A or Hypervitaminosis A can lead to serious toxicity.

Can you feed raw chicken liver for dogs ?

Dogs will eat raw chicken liver because it is an wolf family but most of the dog owners will not prefer raw meat because there is a possibility of getting affected with bacterial diseases even though it has strong stomach. So mostly you try to feed your dog with well cooked food.

How to cook chicken liver for dogs easily ?

You can able to get fresh chicken liver from most of the supermarkets. Now lets see the simple and easy cooking procedure for chicken liver for dogs.
Take fresh chicken liver of about 25-30 grams for large and medium dogs and 10-15 grams for small dogs, then
Wash the chicken liver under fresh water for some time.
Then take a medium size pan put all your chicken liver in the pan and add little bit water.
Cook the chicken liver for around 10-15 minutes in simmer mode.
Filter the water inside the pan and allow the liver to cool. After some time your chicken liver is ready for your dog.

You can use this cooked chicken liver as a treat for your dog while training or you can feed this by mixing with rice also. So chicken liver good for dogs, if it is not given too much. You can also refer this video, if you want to cook chicken liver for dogs.

NOTE: Dog food contains liver can be feed once or twice a week or else add 5% of chicken liver daily in your dogs diet.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you have gain some valuable knowledge through this article regarding chicken liver good for dogs, if you have any doubt please leave a comment below and you can also suggest me a topic for my next post.

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